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Camera Filters
2filter offering the best value and quality in professional lens filter products

Perfect Lens Filter
Tools for Digital Cameras

To Capture Super Rich Color
"Circular Polarizers"

You have to use this camera filter
to really understand the potential

Lee Graduated Filters

Exciting web site LEE filters
LEE Filters puts the passion in creating camera filters
for image makers with the same passion for the image
New for 2014 Lee Little Stopper Filters
Just remember to return to us here at 2filter

LEE Filters, Lee ND Gradual Camera Filters
A quality Lee filter tool is worth waiting for from LEE filters.

Lee FiltersLee FiltersLee Filters
Lee Big Stopper filter 10 f/stop 4x4
100mm x 100mm

for $140.00 In Stock
Lee Big Stopper 4x4 100mm info

Lee FK holder
Lee FK Foundation Kit filter holders, The highest quality 4x4 filter holder made in the world, Lee 3 ND filter 4x6 Grad Sets and Lee FK adapter rings. See below an excellent video on how Lee Camera ND Gradual Camera Filters are made and why Lee Filters are worth the wait. Lee Filters are hand made in the UK with passion. We at 2filter are so glad the people at LEE Filters have never compromised quality

Lee Filter Holder for Nikon 14mm-24mm
extreme ultra wide zoom lens

Lee SW150 holder & ND Lee 0.6 Gradual Kit
Lee 150 x 170 mm ND gradual filter
More Lee SW 150 Information and to order

Camera filters on sale
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Hitech 3 ND Grad filterkit
Includes WHD84 Holder, adapter ring
Hitech 85 ND graduated 3 filter set in soft or hard edge versions
Way less than another famous brands
84mm 3 filter kit without the ring included

Complete with Holder and Ring
and ready to use

Hitech Prostop 10 Filter
Formatt Hitech Filters
Hitech Prostop IRND 3.0 filter
150mm x 150mm
CR39 Resin Filter
fits the Lee SW150 holder

This filter will not work unless you
cover the filter and holder with a black cloth


Many New items just arriving, 2filter saving image makers money on camera filters for 25 years

The 2 must haves for digital cameras.

Protective Camera Filters
and Circular Polarizers
Compare prices of all brands
you always save with's
everyday low prices
on Multicoated camera filters

Tiffen HT Digital Clear filters, Digital Circular Polarizer Filters and Marumi Super Digital HG, Marumi Exus highly multi coated camera filters 99.7%, B+W MrC XS-Pro Nano and B+W 77mm Mrc F-Pro Camera filters plus other sizes. multicoated filters with only 0.5% light transmission loss

USA Canon Authorized Dealer
Canon InkCLI 226 inks for Pixma photo printers, Canon ChromaLife 100 Canon CLI 221,Canon CLI 8 ink tanks $14.11 Genuine Canon CLI 8 Value Packs 3, 4 Pack, 5 and 8 pack color ink packs
Lucia PGI 9 inks, PGI 220, PGI 5 ,PGI 225 black, Canon BCI 6 cartridges only $12.12, PGI 7 Inks.

Cokin P series holders & Cokin P series filters
Cokin Z Pro Filters and Cokin Z Pro 4x4 holders

are now in stock in the USA.
Cokin P series, and Cokin Z Pro filters affordable Cokin 4x4 Z-Pro Camera Filters, Cokin Z Pro 4x4 Cokin camera filter holders, Cokin Z Pro Filter and Holder Kits, 52 mm to 96 mm adapter rings available, 77mm Z Pro rings, Z and P holders

Professional HD 4x4 Camera Filters for HD SLR and 4.5.65 Pro Video Sizes  4x4 ND's Graduals, Schneider 4x4 Lee filter holders from the UK. Tiffen HD Video IRND filters made in the USA and Schneider 4x5.65 graduals made perfect also in the USA. The MPTV HD 4x4 lens filter tech dept. at understands the differences
call us 1-800-882-2832

Schneider Graduated ND Filter
Schneider Landscape Control Kit #68-885603
with 4x4 FK Holder and Schneider 4x5.65 glass ND Gradual filter with Schneider(Lee) 4x4 holder w/Lee 77 wide angle ring included for your current glass filters, or resin
using purchased extra 2mm guides.

B+W 82mm MRC ND110 filters plus the most popular
B+W 77mm #110 ND camera filters
and smaller ND110 sizes

Schneider 77mm True Match Vari ND
11 f/stops round camera filter 68-031177
to order visit here

Schneider Century 4x4 filter Kit
Single 4x4 Century filters made in USA
ND 0.6 solid and ND gradual SE at nice prices

Digital Camera Cleaning Tools
Digital Camera Cleaning Tools:
2filter only offers sensor cleaning product easy to use and proven effective. Tools f/cleaning sensors and the optics that we use everyday on our in house production digital SLR camera's and find ourselves useful.

A must have tool for any camera bag Sensor Swab Plus Pretreated Sensor Swab 's in 3 sizes
Sensor Swabs the 1st and the bestSensor Swabs  The first and the best solution to cleaning digital camera sensors in DSLR's and HDSLR's in 3 sizes for CMOS sensors and CCD Chips Handy Sensor Swab Plus pretreated Sensor Swab +'s in 3 types, Digital Survival Kits

Camera Lens Filters On Sale
for the Winter of 20

2filter's Product Catalog

What camera filters for digital cameras 2filter sells, What's New in camera filter tools for Digital HD 1080P video DSLR's and Digital SLR Cameras and zoom wide angle lenses.

Camera filters on sale up to 73% or more off list
at in Sales Tax Free, New Hampshire, USA

B+W camera filters  B+W Camera Filters all with brass filter mounts, B+W XS-PRO 3.5 mm mounts, prices lower than most Japanese high end filters B+W XS-Pro Nano Kaese Circular Polarizers, slim with front threads made with Brass German mounts, 99.7% transmission with the MrC Nano multicoated camera filters,

B+W 77mm #110 10 stop filter 1st introduced in 2011 with MRC multi coatings. B+W F Pro Camera filters. B+W XS Pro Nano filters and Circular polarizers the camera filter brand of choice by image makers world wide for decades.

B+W Mrc filters never cleaning issues, like Hoya HD filters or Kenko Zeta's, remember Hoya "HMC" in our opinion the hardest MC ever to clean, more times than not you just ended up smearing the dirt around, called today NXT and Pro1 "DMC"

Tiffen filters the Pro's Choice
Camera Filters made in the USA
The Tiffen HT Digital Camera Filters
are quality filters worth your investment
Tiffen made in USA

Tiffen HT Camera Filters. Perfect for your High Megapixel Digital Camera. Tiffen HT Digital Camera filters Digital HT Camera circular polarizers, good for fast shutter speeds Tiffen's HT low light loss polarizing material and very strong HT multi coats on both sides Tiffen HT digital camera starter kits good values and made at Tiffen USA. Tiffen Gradual ND 0.6 HT multicoated Camera filters for HD Cinema and Tiffen ND gradual ND HT Value Kits, Tiffen 77mm VND Variable ND Field proven for 3 years, 2 to 8 stops and no color shift. Now in all sizes

Tiffen IRND blocking filters... Digital HT multicoated filters, No cleaning issues, Tiffen HT multi coating is so good the HT filters are backed by a 10 yr warranty. Tiffen HD FX filters  Tiffen IRND 77mm Water White Filters, Tiffen the Pros choice for 75 yrs in 4x4, 4x5.65 MPTV lens filters

Tiffen ND filters and Kits
Tiffen filter Indie filter kits, Tiffen 77mm ND, 4 camera filter set from 0.3 ND to 1.2 ND filters for more info Tiffen Indie 77mm IRND camera filter kits, 3 styles Tiffen IRND camera filter kits. The Tiffen Indie IRND Pro filter kit includes all 7 water white IRND Tiffen filters and belt pouch
save over buying each

Place any Tiffen camera filter for digital cameras, HDSLR in our shop cart to see 2filter's low sale price

HitechFormatt filters
Lots of exciting new products on the way from Formatt/Hitech in 2014 keep checking back 2filter will be posting all the new 2014 Hitech products
Hitech Modular 4x4 Holder Systems, Signature Kits, 4x4 filters, 4x5 ND grads, Hitech 4x6 grads
and Hitech Reverse ND grads,
fit Cokin Z Pro 100mm, Lee FK 100mm and Hitech 100mm

Hitech 3 ND Grad filterkit
Hitech 85 series filters, all fit Cokin P,
85P Holders, Hitech ND Gradual filters,
field use proven neutral in color

Hitech 150 x 150, 3.0 IRND filters for the Lee SW150
Reverse Graduals 150x170 for the SW150 Lee holder
Formatt/Hitech Multistop filter
Variable NDs in rounds up to 105mm

Filter Holders for Graduated filters
A very useful kind of filter tool for landscape photographers using any digital camera
If you love taking pictures that include the sky this kind of camera filter is a must have for better digital images.
Visit 2filter's Tech
Information Page product info on ND gradual camera filters, The Gradual ND filter is the only one that gives you control with any wide angle camera lens
Comparison facts on ND Gradual filter systems
Info and Choices of ND Gradual sizes

Hitech Filters the best ND gradual filter value
for quality and price
Hitech ND Reverse Graduals
4x6 and 85/P series sizes.

Wyndham Digital
Wyndham Digital Camera Filter Holders HD84
and adapter rings 49mm to 82mm

Wyndham Digital HD84 Holder and HD84 Adapters

Windham Digital Kit
Hitech ND 85 Gradual ND Package
A very affordable professional way to work
with ND gradual filters price includ
HD84 holder, HD84 metal adapter rings,
you choose
the Hitech ND filter grade
and mm ring size
All ready to help create better skies

Marumi filters

TOP rated in Europe #1 Super DHG Circular Polarizer
Marumi Camera Filters are all only made in Japan
1st class German and Japanese glass
Marumi Super DHG filters, Marumi

Marumi Filter Products
There is a real filter factory in Japan
with the name Marumi on it.

Marumi Variable ND filter ND2-ND400
58mm, 67mm, 72mm and 77mm
Now in stock all sizes, made in Japan
Marumi 77mm DHG Variable ND2-ND400
slim mount Free Shipping

Marumi DHG CLR protective filters,
Low profile 3mm multicoated 98% DHG camera filters,

Marumi EXUS camera filters
Camera Filters on Sale
Marumi Digital High Grade camera filters

Marumi Super DHG Series

HD Camera Filters for the New HD 4K Cinema Cameras: which ones are the right tools for HD SLR's call us for more info.
New selections entering the market in 2014 for Variable ND camera filters visit back for latest updates on the new Vari ND tools, some are turning out excellent some are over priced junk, not worth the time pushing the button

Important filters to have for control
of IR light in high end still digital SLR's
working HD 1080p

Frequently Asked Camera Filter Questions, like which filters are best for travel photography, nature and documentary at

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